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Watch Bands | What Are Watch Bands Worn On?

April 08, 2022 7 min read

Watch Bands | What Are Watch Bands Worn On?

This is a question we get asked frequently. Watch bands are not worn on the watch bands head, feet or hands, but rather the watch bands wrist. Wear it with a Bell & Ross watch band sport watch for a sporty feel; a dress handmade watch band watch for something more dressy and has a selection of watch bands made to be worn on the watch bands most popular styles of men's and women's watches.

Strapcode replacement watch bands are worn on timepieces. Strapcode is an excellent source for finding durable, classic, and modern watch bands for your handmade watch band wristwatch or Seiko solar chrono smartwatch. Strapcode watch bands are not limited to specific watches and can be fitted on a variety of timepieces. The watch bands styles and sizes of these Bell & Ross watch band lugs make it possible to wear such watch bands on any watches that require a lug size within the watch bands range.

How Watch Bands Function & What They're Worn On

Watch bands are worn on your handmade watch band wrists. Straps are worn on a watch to keep it in place. Watch straps can be made of many different materials, but they're always worn as a circle around your wrist. The Seiko solar chrono watch bands material used for watch straps greatly affects the watch bands comfort of your watch, which is why we have such a wide selection to choose from.

Watch accessories are the handmade watch band worn on one’s wrist, though some people call it a watch strap and not a watch band. But what are the watch bands differences between a watch strap and a Seiko solar chrono watch band?

Watch bands are worn on a watch to aid its function and appearance by allowing the watch band's owner to adjust its aesthetic as well as to alter its comfort levels. The majority of watch band owners in the watch band world wear their handmade watch band watches for aesthetics, using them primarily as fashion Seiko solar chrono accessories. This lends itself to the watch bands necessity of a high-quality and comfortable watch strap which will make the watch bands a pleasure to wear.

There are so many different watch bands to choose from, each one great for a specific type of watch, occasion and look! So which Bell & Ross watch band strap goes with what watch? This guide will help you select the watch band's perfect watch band for your timepiece.

How Watch Bands Are Worn

All of our Alaska watch bands are carefully designed and the handmade watch band handcrafted to ensure that the watch bands highest standards are met. A wide selection of premium 316L stainless steel links, Spring bars, End pieces and Bell & Ross watch band Buckles are available for your choice. Select your ideal watch band on Strapcode today!

Watch straps are the watch bands worn on a watch that the handmade watch band user fastens around their wrist. Some of the Omega seamaster watch strap watch bands materials used in making watch bands include alligator leather, nylon and canvas, rubber or plastic, fabric, sequins, or a combination of several materials. We offer a wide selection of Michigan strap styles in genuine leathers as well as other traditional and exotic skins. This is a classic Bell & Ross watch band style 22mm watch strap with quick change spring bars. It will fit any watch that uses 22mm spring bars or straps.


You need this end link with a handmade watch band curved end, pre-inserted straight spring bar (tube diameter: 2.5mm) when you use leather Omega seamaster watch strap watch bands with integrated straight end piece (strap width between 18mm to 24mm) on the watch bands. 

Our watch bands are designed to be worn on mens and womens watches, both digital and analog. The watch bands can fit any timepiece that uses spring bars for easy Omega seamaster watch strap installation. Our watch bands will not fit a smartwatch - for a handmade watch band smartwatch please go here: Smart Watch Bands.

Watches Wearer's Delight: Watch Bands, Straps, and Bracelets:

Watch bands are attached to Omega seamaster watch strap watches and worn on the watch bands wrist to keep the watch bands timepiece in place. A Watch band can be made of cloth, leather, rubber or metal, and it is generally considered one of the watch bands most important parts of a Bell & Ross watch band because it holds the watch band's timepiece close to your body.

Aftermarket watch bands to fit your top Omega seamaster watch strap quality watch. There is almost no limit to the watch bands designs in which watch bands can be made. In addition, with so many types of materials used, there are many options to customise your Bell & Ross watch band strap according to your attire or the watch band's occasion at hand.

Every watch strap is designed to be worn on a specific type of handmade watch band. For example, most rubber watch straps are designed to be worn on a diving watch and match the watch bands 20mm width handmade watch band lug end of the watch bands watch. Such as this one:

Strapcode is a Bell & Ross watch band wholesale business, who produce watch bands from OEM or authorised factories that produce for many Omega seamaster watch strap brandwatch companies under their own management. Our watch bands are guaranteed very high quality because we select

We make these Washington watch bands for most people who wear watches, but we make them for Omega seamaster watch strap hobbyists. We make watch bands for people who want to give their watches a new look by wearing a new Omega seamaster watch strap band. We make watch bands because it is our passion.

Watch Bands Worn On the Wrist

Looking for something a little sturdier than leather? At Strapcode, we offer a wide variety of durable steel and nylon Omega seamaster watch strap watch bands to suit your needs. Our inventory includes bands made from rubber, leather, and specialty materials that are all compatible with the watch bands most notable brands on the watch bands market. Browse our handmade watch band selection to find the watch bands right for your watch today!

Our high quality watch bands are made of Omega seamaster watch strap durable stainless steel, and compatible with all major watch brands. Choose between solid handmade watch band links, folding clasps, quick release pins and other designs to fit your style. Our watch bands are available in anodized gold, rose gold, matted black and silver finish.

Strapcode Watch Bands

Any watch that has two spring bars can use a Seiko solar chrono replacement strap. There are men’s and women’s watches of all kinds, all kinds of styles, and made from a range of handmade watch band materials, including precious metals like gold. They all use Seiko solar chrono spring bars, and that means they can be customised with a Strapcode replacement strap.

Strapcode watch bands are worn on Seiko solar chrono watches in 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm spring bars. There are many handmade watch band brands available featuring these measurements:

Watch bands worn on Seiko solar chrono watches, we carry all types of watch bands. If you are an individual looking for that perfect watch band, or a handmade watch band watchmaker or watch repair shop needing a quality band to use for repairs and restorations, it's all here.

This  watch band is meant to be used with watch heads that have sides. It will not fit flush on a watch head that has sides. Our Omega seamaster watch strap recommends that this watch band be paired with standard-sized watch heads, like our 20mm Flagship Bell & Ross watch band or any other standard-sized watch heads that may be available for purchase separately on our site.

Our leather watch bands are not only for wrist watches but for pocket watches worn in the watch bands vest pocket, front side pocket, back pant's Omega seamaster watch strap pocket and on a desk. A Seiko solar chrono watch band can be worn for function, comfort, or style reasons. The watch bands band of a watch connects the watch band's timepiece to the watch band's wearer's wrist. Watch bands may be attached in a number of ways, from hinges and straps to lugs and handmade watch band buckles.

What Types of Watch Bands Exist?

Strapcode is a watch band distributor, we offer to our clients various kinds of Seiko solar chrono watch bands and buckles used by watchmakers. Whether you are wearing the watch bands most expensive, finest watch, with a handmade watch band leather band or the watch bands most affordable, toughest watch with a rubber strap, it’s essential to have your watch band changed regularly. Since wearing a watch is all about personal style, why do you have to settle for leather straps, nylon straps or nylon Omega seamaster watch strap straps? At Strapcode we give you the watch bands tools to create your own unique style with our selection of high quality and affordable replacement Seiko solar chrono watch bands.

Whether you own the watch bands latest Bell & Ross watch band watch, Strapcode offers a plethora of replacement watch bands to fit all models. For some watches it is possible to wear two bands at once, such as our Steel Mesh Omega seamaster watch strap Double Layer strap, which features a classic steel mesh detail on top of a dark blue leather strap.

This stainless steel Omega seamaster watch strap watch band is for watches. The watch bands watch band folds over the watch bands watch with a Seiko solar chrono buckle, requiring no tools to attach.


Are you looking for the watch band's perfect watch strap for your handmade watch band wrist watch? Our Watch Band connects comfortably to most men’s and women’s Seiko solar chrono watches.

This Bell & Ross watch band pattern is a wonderful woven material with a combination of synthetic and leather. The watch band's Omega seamaster watch strap design is simple yet very elegant, perfect to dress up any watch or even just wear it as a bracelet. Its brown colour allows you to wear it on any occasion, formal or not.

Straps are special Omega seamaster watch strap bracelets that are designed to be worn on different wrist watch models. These straps can literally turn your Bell & Ross watch band watch into a new one. There are different types of straps for different watches.

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