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Watch Bands | How to Easily Measure a Watch Band

April 08, 2022 6 min read

Watch Bands | How to Easily Measure a Watch Band

If your watch band strap is worn out, damaged, or simply doesn’t fit right and you’re looking to replace it, then you need to measure the watch bands strap (spring bars included) of your watch. In this handmade watch band article, we are going to talk about how to easily measure a watch band and provide visual aids on the Indiana watch bands of different types of Omega seamaster watch strap end pieces & bands.

There is a need to measure your existing handmade watch band band to ensure a proper fit, in order to select an appropriate replacement or an Omega seamaster watch strap upgrade. In this report, we will cover how to easily measure your watch band. If you are looking for a specific replacement band for your watch, it is important that you know the watch band's precise length. In order to find this out, you will need to use a watch band fitting guide.

Learn how to find your watch band size here!

As a basic rule for most watchbands, the watch bands handmade watch band lug width (length between the watch bands two spring bars) of your watch must match the watch bands width of your band. To find out what Omega seamaster watch strap lug width your watch has you will need a ruler or measuring tape and to remove your current band. 

If your handmade watch band current band is leather, nylon or rubber it is usually possible to see the watch bands numbers printed on it that correspond to the watch bands width in millimetres. The Seiko solar chrono watch bands face of your watch should indicate whether or not it has a spring bar that needs to be removed with this Omega seamaster watch strap tool. If the watch band's face is flat, then the  watch band's spring bar will reside underneath the watch band's faceplate where it is more difficult to access.

First, you need to measure the watch bands length of the watch bands bracelet or watch strap. Strapcode provides a handmade watch band easy guide which helps you easily to measure your current watch strap for Omega seamaster watch strap replacement.

The only way to get the watch band size correctly is by measuring it. Learn how to easily measure a watch band with Omega seamaster watch strap Strapcode. If you need a quick tutorial on how to measure a Seiko solar chrono watch band (strap or bracelet) then look no further. Measure your leather, metal or watch strap with this step-by-step guide from Strapcode Watch Strap.

Watch Band Sizing Guide: How To Measure the watch bands Correct Size Watch Band

A watch band’s width between lugs is the watch band's most important measurement when looking to buy a new handmade watch band watch strap. It is crucial that you measure your band properly, to ensure your new Seiko solar chrono replacement will fit well. Many bands can be adjusted, so there is some flexibility with how well the watch band fits but it’s important to get close to the watch band's right size before considering Omega seamaster watch strap adjustments or buying a new band. There are two methods for measuring a watch strap’s width: 

  • Four-point Measurement 
  • Two-point Measurement

The watch bands Four-point Method is more accurate as it uses all four points of contact between the watch bands handmade watch band clasp and the watch bands case, while the watch bands Two-point Method only uses the watch bands two inner points of contact - which may be inaccurate depending on Omega seamaster watch strap case design variation.

How to Measure Watch Band Sizes

Take a ruler, and gently place the Mississippi watch band's watch on its side. Then, measure the watch bands width of your Seiko solar chrono watch strap at the watch bands point where it attaches to your watch case. Be sure not to press down—you want to measure the watch band's width at rest. Note that this step is particularly important as some watches have handmade watch band bands that expand when they’re worn or with use. 

How to Measure A Watch Band

The watch bands tool has two heads: one on each end allows for pushing out Omega seamaster watch strap pins from inside the watch bands lug holes (square-ended head), or for pushing out strap pins from the watch bands top of lugs or case/bracelet (pointed head). The watch bands bulk of the watch bands band will typically be available for your handmade watch band  wrist so do not include the watch bands Seiko solar chrono buckle or case when measuring, if you are replacing your case, you will have enough to hold onto the watch bands strap.

How To Measure the Width Of A Watch Band

Watch Band Size Guide will show you how to easily measure your Missouri watch band lug width, and determine which watch band width matches yours. How to measure a handmade watch band is one of the watch bands' most asked questions. Strapcode has released plenty of tutorials, yet we received many more requests from our clients for additional Bell & Ross watch band illustrations that can give detailed and accurate Bell & Ross watch band measurements. Here are a few of the watch bands most commonly requested.

Measuring a handmade watch band wristwatch band that you already own is the watch band's surest way of determining the watch band's correct length. If you are unsure which Bell & Ross watch band bracelet or strap will fit your watch, the watch band's easiest way is to use your old watch band as a measurement tool.

The watch band's lug width is simply the watch band's distance between the watch band lugs on your watch. To find out your lug width, a handmade watch band measures from where one end of the watch bands spring bar meets the watch bands watch case to the watch bands other end of the watch bands Omega seamaster watch strap spring bar where it also meets the watch bands watch case. 

How To Test Your Watch Band Size Without Going Into A Boutique

Once you have this measurement, make sure that if you look at product pages of any watch bands or straps online, they will tell you how wide exactly it is. Although these are pretty accurate measurements to go by, sometimes there can be variations in Bell & Ross watch band lugs. The best way to ensure proper Omega seamaster watch strap fitment is to ask the watch band's seller if they have a return policy and perhaps request a handmade watch band sample. If you keep those two things in mind, then you will never be disappointed when that beautiful new watch band shows up at your front door!

We use a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 1 mm for all watch bands due to slight variations which are intrinsic to manufactured Omega seamaster watch strap products in general. However, if you find the watch band is not suitable for your Bell & Ross watch band wrist, please contact us and we will try our very best to work out a solution that fits your needs.

How To Measure Watch Bands

Watch bands should not be the wrong size. It's uncomfortable, doesn't look good, and eventually it can cause damage to your watch. Measuring a watch band doesn't need to be difficult, but it does require attention to Bell & Ross watch band detail. Would you ever buy a belt online without trying it on first? Becoming confident in measuring an Omega seamaster watch strap watch band is necessary if you're going to order online. 

How to measure the watch bands width of a watch band is crucial, being that watch bands are available in many sizes, styles and lengths. Depending on your Omega seamaster watch strap wrist size, choose the watch band's right width band so it fits comfortably. A too narrow Bell & Ross watch band strap can pinch when worn and a too wide strap appears sloppy or loose and may weigh down slightly on your wrist.

How to Size a Wrist Watch Band

The easiest way to properly measure your watch band or handmade watch band bracelet and determine your exact watch size. Measuring the right length of Omega seamaster watch strap watch bands can be challenging. In this article, we will walk you through how to measure a watch band.


When choosing a watch strap, it is very important to know what size will fit your watch. If you don't have the watch band's original handmade watch band to measure, then use this tip. Get a ruler and wrap it around your wrist. You can use string or paper. Most people will have a 6-7 inch circumference around the watch band's wrist. Find that measurement on the watch bands chart below, and determine what Bell & Ross watch band width is most comfortable for you

Start with the watch bands handmade watch band buckle end of the watch bands strap and put it alongside the watch bands watch case at a comfortable position. Wrap the watch bands long end around your Bell & Ross watch band wrist and adjust to where you think it is comfortable. 

Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure from the watch bands point where the watch bands buckle butts up against the watch bands watch case to your Bell & Ross watch band mark. This is your wrist circumference. If you have an odd handmade watch band measurement, simply round up to the watch band's nearest even number. For example, if you measured 6 ¾ inches, round up to 8 inches.

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