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Watch Band Installation Guides by STRAPCODE

Changing your watch band should not cause you so much stress once you can do it so easily. Once you grasp it, you can do it for fun; you can do it to show off your unique style or even save money (DIY, no need to find help from a professional watch repairer). This watch Band installation guide is designed to help watch newbies discover new, effective and effortless ways to change watch bands.

Strapcode Guide to changing your watch bands like a professional

Now, let's move forward. You can follow the 'How to change watch band' steps listed below according to the materials of the watch band you've got on hand.

You can fast access the particular watch band installation guide by clicking the text links below.

  1. Leather watch strap
  2. Metal Watch Bracelet
  3. Apple Watch Band
  4. NATO Strap
  5. Quick-release watch band


1. How to change Leather Watch Band

Demo : Typical watch bands (Pin buckle type)

Here is how to take your watch band off and install a new one.


2. How to change Metal Watch Band

Demo : Fitted curved endlink stainless steel watch band

To replace a watch band, you need to remove the previous one. These set of steps show you how to remove metal watch bands and install the appropriate watch band replacements.


3. How to change Band on Apple Watch

Demo : Gunny X MT handmade Quick-release Apple watch band

In the following steps, you will learn how to detach the Apple watch band and replace it with a brand new one.



4. How to Install a NATO Watch Strap

Demo : NATO watch strap

NATO watch strap is a legend design in a simple way to give your watch an entirely new look!

NATO strap or NATO watch strap is pretty much an excellent choice to wear casually paired with your watch. It's a budget watch strap, highly durable, comfortable on the wrist, and also can give you a casual look whilst retaining all your style points. Removing your watch band and changing it into a NATO strap only takes you a minute. Come along as we take you through the NATO strap installation guide in step-by-step detail, as shown below.


5. How to change Quick Release Watch Band

Demo : Quick-release Leather watch band (Pin buckle type)



Changing watch band is always a good idea for several reasons. Rather than racking up a bill of hundreds of dollars looking for a watch replacement, you can find premium and well-made straps from the price of $15 up, follow our steps on installing watch bands (depending on what type of watch you use) and save yourself extra money while being flexible and comfortable at the same time.

Talking about flexibility, a new watch strap is a unique chance to potentially change your style and switch things up. With the wide variety of watch bands STRAPCODE brings you, any watch you choose to wear will always find a perfect match in our watch strap collection; there are countless watch bands, and indeed, there are many more on the way. Some straps on your wrist feel like a new lease of life almost. Sometimes, watch bands are too general for the watches they come in, and here is your opportunity to breathe new life into your wrist by upgrading to a new strap.

Finally, a good watch strap is your key to all-round satisfaction. Changing your watch strap frequently is a simple DIY process that anyone can master by following the essential tips and guidelines we have highlighted. So take those old watches out today, give them good polishing and have your watches lasting longer and looking better.