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MiLTAT Watch Pin Bender Spring Bar Curving Bending Plier

  • High leverage spring bar bending plier with heavy-duty nylon jaw. The best watch tool to help to bend the spring bars as you desired. For those who have difficulty installing a solid endlink watch band, slightly bending the spring bar may get the job done much easier. Bending and shaping watch spring bars help to fit in narrow watch lug. For non-rigid materials such as leather watch straps, following the curve of the watch case, bending to curve the spring bar helps to increase the possibility of hitting the attaching point. Or bend the spring bars to narrow the gap between the watch and leather watch band, to fit the curve watch case more naturally.
  • Item no.: NT-SBP-011LD
    Brand: MiLTAT
    Overall size: 145 x 50mm
    Color/Finish: Black
    Material: Steel & high impact nylon
    Net Weight: 123g
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