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Bracelet Holding Block Standard Slots, Black

  • STRAPCODE watch band holding block is an essential tool when you need to adjust a metal watch band. It can keep the watch band in place for you to remove or add links.

    Suggested to be used together to remove watch band pins:
    Watch tools help to remove links from pin type metal watch bands. These are a combination of ideal watch pin removal tools for metal watch bands with links held together by pins or push pins, such as Orient watch bands, Citizen watch bands, SEI watch bands, etc.
    Whenever your metal watch band is not in your size, mostly is too long, you need to remove a few links. A proper watch repair tool can give you help. First, place the metal watch band into an appropriate slot of the holding block with pinhole facing upward (note : the direction of pin's "insertion" or "removal" was marked on the back of the watchband). Next, use a watch hammer paired with a punch pin, hammer out the pin inside the link.

  • Item number: BAT-001LU
    Brand: STRAPCODE
    Description: Tough plastic holder for securing watch bracelets of various sizes whilst they are adjusted.
    Size: 53 x 53 x 26mm
    Color/Finish: Black
    Material: Tough plastic
    Function: Holder for metal watch band length adjustment
    Net Weight: 17g
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