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A 3-piece set of Watch Repair Basic Files (Smooth Double-Cut)

  • A 3-piece set of flat, half-round, and round files that is convenient for processing plastic models, mini 4WDs, metal, and filing the edges of the metal piece resulted in a smooth, rounded finish, etc. This is a small, fine-toothed file, making it convenient for finishing narrow areas. The grip has a special anti-slip sol coating finish.
    Please handle with care as the tip is sharp and may sting your hands. Wear protective gear such as protective gloves and goggles when working. Do not apply excessive force to the file during use. It is dangerous as it may break. To prevent rust, if the file gets wet, wipe it off with a dry cloth. If you are not going to use it for a long time, apply a thin layer of oil to the metal parts before storing it.
  • Item no. : NT-TL-069
    Brand : TAMIYA
    Overall size : 140 mm
    Color / Finish : Black
    Material : Carbon steel / Grip material: PVC compound
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