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16mm Extra-long Replacement Punch Pins - 2 pcs (for Watch Band Double-headed Pin Punch Pin Extractor)

  • Two pieces of changeable Extra-long 16mm replacement punch pins, for you to replace your Watch Band Double-headed Pin Punch (Extra-long) no. NT-BAT-039-1SET. Japan Made quality watch tool for pulling out extra-long pins.
    3 size options :
    • Dia. 0.7mm x 16mm
    • Dia. 0.8mm x 16mm
    • Dia. 0.9mm x 16mm

    This is a professional watchmaker tool that requires advanced techniques, improper use will cause bending and damage the pins. The punch pins can be easily replaced by using a small "set screw" on the side of the punch.

    Suggested to be used together to remove watch band pins

  • Item no. : NT-BAT-041-P070-16 / NT-BAT-041-P080-16 / NT-BAT-041-P090-16
    Brand : MKS
    Overall size : 28mm
    Tip Dia. : Choose from tip size : Dia. 0.7mm x 16mm or Dia. 0.8mm x 16mm or Dia. 0.9mm x 16mm
    Material : Silver
    Color / Finish : hardened steel
    Net Weight : n/a
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