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Watch Band Double-headed Pin Punch Pin Extractor (Extra-long)

  • Japan Made quality watch tool for pulling out extra-long pins. Put the cap on so you can hit it with a hammer and push out the pin conveniently. Recommend using this band adjustment tool ONLY for suitable big watches, as big watch cases mostly come with large lug width. Their pins may be long and hard to remove by a standard watch tool.
    Item included :
    • Two Pin removal tips in size: Dia.0.7 x 8mm and Dia.0.8mm x 16mm
    • One short end cap

    This is a professional watchmaker tool that requires advanced techniques, and if used properly, it will provide you with a long time of service. However, extra attention is needed, as the tip is long, improper use will cause bending and damage the pins. The punch pins can be easily replaced by using a small "set screw" on the side of the punch. Replacement pins are available; click below to see the details :

    Suggested to be used together to remove watch band pins

  • Item no. : NT-BAT-039-1SET
    Brand : MKS
    Overall size : Dia. 7mm x 110mm
    Tip Dia. : Pin Dia. 0.7mm x 8mm + Dia. 0.8mm x 16mm (extra-long)
    Material : Silver
    Color / Finish : Steel Knurled handle + hardened steel pins
    Net Weight : Approx. 36g
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