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Can the 2020 Seiko Alpinist beat the fame of the original one?

After 57 years, Seiko Alpinist line was said to be discontinued last year (2018), with Seiko Alpinist SARB017 being pretty much the most popular model. Naturally, the ratings of the whole line had since been high and they all had somewhat inflated price tags, especially those of the mentioned Seiko SARB017, also called the Green Alpinist. However, with the new Seiko Alpinist 2020 models being announced as the upgrades of the old ones, things could change. But let's first dig into the 57 years long Alpinist history.


The Seiko Alpinist line - discontinued or not?

The first Alpinist watch has been introduced in 1961 and targeted to Japanese mountain climbers and other sports enthusiasts. The famous "Laurel" was the first of seven Alpinist watch generations so far.

Seiko Alpinist timeline at 1961

Seiko Alpinist timeline at 1961

Seiko Alpinist timeline at 1963

Seiko Alpinist timeline at 1963

Seiko Alpinist timeline at 1964

Seiko Alpinist timeline at 1964

Seiko Alpinist timeline at 1995

Seiko Alpinist timeline at 1995

Seiko Alpinist timeline at 2003

Seiko Alpinist timeline at 2003

Seiko Alpinist timeline at 2006

Seiko Alpinist timeline at 2006

Source: The Spring Bar


2006 Seiko Alpinist Review

Fast forward to 6th Alpinist generation and so called SARB series introduced in 2006, that gave birth to watches equipped with automatic caliber 6R15: the popular SARB017, alongside models SARB013 and SARB017. All three models have been running on 23 jewels, had 20 bar resistance and gold plated numbers and hands. The main difference among the three of them was that Seiko's SARB013 had the cream dial, SARB015 had the black one and SARB017 Alpinist had the famous green sunburst dial, a favorite among watch collectors. Another difference were cathedral hour hands on SARB013 and SARB017, while SARB015 had the "shark tooth" hour hand and is known by the same nickname.


Seiko Alpinist 2006 version : SARB013, SARB015 and SARB017

Although 2009 brought the introduction of seventh generations having models SARB059, SARB061 and SARB063 (all-black Seiko Alpinist Takeshi Mizukoshi 500 limited model), the SARB017 outlived their fame. Even The Seiko Blue Alpinist SPB089 released in 2019, as U.S. Limited Edition, with a sunburst dark blue dial, produced in 1,959 pieces only, couldn't do much about it, and this one counts as one of the most expensive Alpinist pieces. So let's see what so especial about this Seiko Alpinist green SARB017.

Seiko Blue Alpinist SPB089 | Seiko Alpinist limited edition

Seiko Alpinist Blue SPB089, Seiko Alpinist limited edition, image credit : Instagram @fenil_tp


Seiko Alpinist 2009 version : SARB059, SARB061 and SARB063


The Legendary Green Alpinist

Often called just Alpinist Green, Seiko men's Alpinist SARB017 has the 6R15 calibre inside, operating on 21,600 bph and is equipped with hacking and hand winding options. With 23 jewels and a Spron 510 inside, it has a power reserve of over 50 hours. A bonus is Diaschock system for added protection, as well as 200 m water resistance.

Its rotating bezel has a built in compass that is operated by the second crown at 4 o'clock. To use Seiko Alpinist compass, one should be in places where the sun is visible and the watch is set to the current time in the area. The dial should be kept in level and the hour hand pointed in the direction of the sun. Simply setting “S (South)” on the rotating compass bezel to the middle point of the arc between the 12 o’clock marker and the time scale indicated by the hour hand does the job, with one small trick: In the AM period, the rotating compass bezel should be set to the middle point of the arc to the left of the 12 o’clock marker. However, in the PM period, the bezel should be set to the middle point of the arc to the right of the 12 o’clock marker. N (North),” “S (South),” “E (East),” and “W (West)” on the rotating compass bezel (ring) will then indicate the corresponding directions.

Seiko Alpinist SARB017 curved endlink replacement watch bracelets

Seiko Green Alpinist SARB017 bracelet by MiLTAT Watch Bands

Although it was marketed as a sports watch, this piece became so much more. Maybe it's because its original watch band is a crocodile leather strap (20 mm lug) and implies elegance or because its case was just right regarding size (plus neither too thick nor too thin), but it surely had something to do with its magnificent dial. The peculiar green color of the sunburst dial combined with the gold touches turn this watch into a charming chameleon that can adapt to any style, even without changing its strap. It screams character, style and manliness whether you're climbing the mountain, having an important business meeting or chat over a dinner with a beautiful woman in some casual restaurant. That being said, if you can only take one watch with you on your travels, SARB017 is surely a good pick.

So SARB017 is not only a cool watch that can handle all changes of styles during the day and night, but also makes a good ally in your adventures. Add it's dial's eye-catching ability and it's clear why the original Green Alpinist is still a favorite among watch collectors.

Its price currently goes from $350 up to over $500, depending on the watch condition.


2020 Seiko Alpinist Release

The 2020 Alpinist release had three different watches: with green (SBDC091), white (SBDC089) and black dial (SBDC087) and one of these fellas may just be the new Green Alpinist.

From what we could notice, SBDC091 looks almost the same as SARB017, but the Prospex badge caught our eye. Did this mean a seed of a new Seiko hybrid line in the future? Sounded interesting, for sure.

2020 New Seiko Prospex Alpinist White SBDC089 and Black SBDC087View All Seiko Alpinist Fitted watch bands

More focus on SBDC091 reveals more differences from its predecessor. The date background is changed from green to white, which wasn't received well among the fans of the original Green Alpinist. Will a see-through background and Seiko Cyclops lens on the date be enough to compensate?

Seiko Alpinist Black SBDC087 Prospex Badge closeup

Seiko Prospex "X" Badge

New Cyclops lens on the date

Cyclops lens on the date

The crown of 2020 New Seiko Prospex Alpinist Green SBDC091

The "S" letter was removed from the crown of the latest Seiko Prospex Alpinist models.

2020 New Seiko Prospex Alpinist movement - 6R35 Caliber

2020 Seiko Prospex Alpinist movement - Seiko 6R35 Caliber

On the other side, the original 6R15 movement is replaced with caliber 6R35, which upgrades its power reserves to up to 70 hours. That means almost 20 hours more than SARB017, but mind the fact that the original Green Alpinist isn't particularly favored because of its abilities, but rather its look, so everything is pretty much left to the wearer's preference. If you can recall, the same transition happened with Sumo watches SZSC004 and SPB103J1 and yet the opinions are divided among the fans.

The price of the 2020 contestant for the new Green Alpinist (SBDC091) is around 75,000 Yen, which is around $680. The other two watches are somewhat more expensive. It is still less than the SARB089 whose price doesn't go down because it is a limited edition but it is almost double the cost of SARB017. Again, divided opinions on who wins the race, the original, or the 2020 revival.


2021 Seiko Alpinist release

The new Prospex Alpinist SJE085 limited edition started the celebration of Seiko’s 140th anniversary, with more Alpinists version on their way. The Prospex SJE085 is the recreation of the 1959 Alpinist and follows the design of the legendary watch with some minor changes (no Laurel mark on the dial, date addition). Also, the watch uses the slim caliber 6L35 instead of 6R35 in order to keep the slim profile of the Laurel itself.

The new 2021 Alpinist collection, Credit by A Blog to Watch

The SJE085 model is pack in slim 36.6mm case, while its other variations come in 38mm case and with 200 m water resistance instead of 100 m on the former. Aside from it, the models SPB245 with green dial on the leather strap, SPB241 with eggshell dial and SPB243 with brown dial are all powered by the caliber 6R35. Hence, their price is predicted to be from $725-750 lower than the SJE085, which is expected to cost $2,900 and made in 1959 pieces only. All models will be available in the summer 2021.



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Written by M.H. , Photo by Toni or others as noted



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