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New FKM 'Rhombus' Rubber Watch Strap with Quick Release

1 min read February 18, 2021

New FKM 'Rhombus' Rubber Watch Strap with Quick Release

When it comes to rubber straps, 'Fluoroelastomer', in short refer to as 'FKM', is rated the best possible type of rubber that are currently available in the market.  FKM provides extraordinary levels of resistance to chemicals, heat and oil, while providing useful service life above 200°C.

Orange on Seiko 5 SRPE57, Black on Seiko MM200 SBDC079, Navy Blue on Seiko 62MAS re-issue PADI SPB071, Brown on Seiko Rootbeer Sumo SPB192

Checkout our latest FKM ‘Rhombus’ strap that is made with Fluoroelastomer rubber, which is a durable man-made rubber extremely flexible and comfort.  Solid and high-density FKM rubber as material, this ‘Rhombus’ strap is light weight, water-proof, and is made to with stand various harsh conditions.

Quick release spring bars for easy installation : Left Blue Rhombus FKM rubber watch band, Right Brown Rhombus

The ‘Rhombus’ straps are design to have bigger holes to help improve ventilation.  By adding quick release spring bars to the FKM rubber straps, it makes it that much more convenient for those who goes to the gym before or after work which allows them to swap their watch bands in seconds.

Diamond-shaped units with noticeable depth, Brown Rhombus is perfect match with Rootbeer Sumo SPB192

Be sure to check out our entire collection of FKM straps if you are looking for quality rubber straps.  Not only do they give your watch a whole new look, they can sustain tough weather conditions and made to last.


Written by Sam , image by Toni

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