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Hands-on The Seiko Thailand 30th Limited Edition SRPG55K1 Nung Talung

January 24, 2022 4 min read

Seiko Thailand 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Collection by Strapcode

Seiko and its fans have always nurtured a special kind of relationship. One that's steady and very often lifelong. Just like any other relationship in life that's to last, everything builds upon two crucial fundamentals: profound mutual respect and love.

On one side, the fans are positive Seiko will deliver an originally designed, high-quality watch that will last them a lifetime. On the other, Seiko's continually displays a keen interest in their fans' culture specifics, mirroring them in successful and sought-after watch series.

Seiko Thailand 30th Anniversary Limited Edition, and SRPG55K1 Nung Talung as a part of it, is another great example of this successful practice. Before going into the specifics of this intriguing model, let's discuss the entire series first.


Seiko Monster Prospex Thailand 30th Anniversary Limited Edition SRPG55K1

Immersive oceanic blue dial of Seiko Monster, paired with
Blue Tapered Leather Watch Band + Zermatt

Seiko Thailand 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Collection

The series was designed and released for two primary reasons.

  • to celebrate 30 years of Seiko's successful production in Thailand
  • reward the trust and loyalty their Thailand users have been displaying throughout that period.

This Seiko “Real Thai” limited collection is inspired by the rich folklore tradition of Thailand. It contains 5 watches dedicated to 4 different regions of Thailand, each celebrating a cultural landmark these regions are famous for.

The five models are “Seiko Sumo” special edition - SPB247J, “Seiko Monster” special edition - SRPG55K, “Seiko Turtle” special edition  - SRPH35K, “Seiko Samurai” special edition  - SRPH42K, and SRPH44K, the latter belonging to the same series. Each of the four series of the collection features a different design and is a limited edition of 1991 pieces as homage to the year of Seiko Thailand's official registration.


  • Isan - Phi Ta Khon (SPB247J) as “Sumo” special edition
    Inspired by Phi Ta Khon, the festival of merit is unique to the Isan region (20 provinces in the northeast) of Thailand. (Released since 28 August 2021)

  • South - Nung Ta Lung (SRPG55K) as “Monster” special edition
    The sense reflection of traditional folklore shadow play of Southern Thailand “Ta Lung”. (Released since October 2021)

  • North - Khom Yee Peng (SRPH35K) as “Turtle” special edition
    At the Yee Peng Lanna festival people release floating lanterns into the sky to light up the night sky (Released since December 2021)

  • Central - Yak Wat Chang (SRPH42K & SRPH44K) as “Samurai” special edition
    The two are inspired by the legend of “Sahassadeja” and “Tosakanth” and their statues that stand guardian at Wat Arun Ratchawararam. (To be released in March 2022)


Seiko Monster Prospex Thailand 30th Anniversary Limited Edition SRPG55K1

Revive Fabric Watch Band adds a casual touch to Seiko Prospex Monster, Left : Blue Mixed Green, Right: Black Mixed White


Seiko Monster Prospex SRPG55K1 Nung Talung Limited Edition 

This model was officially released in October 2021 as the second watch from the "Real Thai" collection. It bears the name of Nung Talung, a traditional style of shadow puppetry characteristic of the southern region of Thailand.

The design of the watch is inspired by the beauty of the marine scenery and the Nung Talung. The former is depicted in the oceanic blue dial and golden details that echo the atmosphere of a calm sunny day on the southern shores of Thailand.

The oceanic blue color scheme dominates the specially designed box enriched by vividly colored floral details, which are also characteristic of the southern Thailand region. The additional rubber strap also comes in blue, for obvious reasons.

Nung Talung is represented by an engraved figure of Ai Teng on the back, as well as on the exterior and interior of the box.

The luxurious package of Seiko Monster Prospex Thailand 30th Anniversary Limited Edition SRPG55K1

The backside features an imprint of “Ai Teng” (Brother Teng), Nung Ta Lung’s main character, and the total manufacture of 1,991 pieces.

The technical specifications and features are as follows:

  • The 42.4mm diameter and 13mm case is made of stainless steel, housing a 4R36 caliber
  • It's an automatic movement diver's watch, featuring 24 jewels and guaranteed 200m water resistance
  • The attached band is also stainless steel, while the package comes with an extra rubber band
  • The glass is hardlex crystal encompassed by the unidirectional rotating bezel
  • It also features an engraved screw case back and Lumibrite bezel, hands, and indexes, making them visible in the dark
  • The technical details are rounded up with stop second-hand function, a 41-hour power reserve, and accuracy of +45 to -35 seconds per day

The original price is 23,800 baht, taking all these features into account, particularly the limited number of available watches, it is safe to say that Nung Talung is bound to become another highly sought-after Seiko model.


The Best Pick Watch Bands for this fabulous Seiko Monster

If you are looking to enrich the appearance of your Seiko Monster Nung Talung model with a selection of additional watch bands for different occassions, a great selection is available at Strapcode. You can find links of all of them in the pictures and their descriptions.

Seiko Monster Prospex Thailand 30th Anniversary Limited Edition SRPG55K1

Seiko Monster can be easily combined with a variety of Rubber Watch Bands. Left : Crisscross White, Right : Quick Release Grey, Bottom : HONEY Blue, all are Quick Release FKM rubber watch straps in lug 20mm

Seiko Monster Prospex Thailand 30th Anniversary Limited Edition SRPG55K1

Stainless Steel Quick Release Tapered Milanese Mesh Watch Band perfectly complements the elegance of Seiko Monster

Seiko Monster Prospex Thailand 30th Anniversary Limited Edition SRPG55K1

Nylon Watch Bands go perfectly with Seiko Monster, Left: 20mm Grey Sailcloth Watch Strap, Right: 20mm Blue & Khaki with Quick Release


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 Written by S.K. , images by Toni 

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