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BULOVA’s Success Through Accutron & Moonwatch

2 min read May 05, 2020

BULOVA’s Success Through Accutron & Moonwatch

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Bulova was founded back in 1875 by Joseph Bulova (1851-1936), as the “J Bulova Company”, in New York USA. Through time and watchmaking innovations which brought fame and success to the company, the name of the company officially changed to the “Bulova Watch Company” in 1923.

Since then, Bulova had been known for several watch-industries first ofs. Bulova was the first watch brand to have its own radio advertisement, with the slogan: “It’s 8am, Bulova Time”. Bulova took a chance and earned itself as the first watch company to come out with a full line of woman’s watch collection.

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Of all of the achievements and recognition Bulova have earned over the years, it was perhaps the revolutionary technology of the Accutron caliber 214, that took a partial credit on the Apollo 13 space mission, but definitely full credit on the Apollo 15 project where Legendary Dave Scott wore the “Bulova Moon Watch”, as the second watch in history that was worn on the mission.

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After the Apollo 15 mission, the Bulova watch – as it was Scott’s personal property – remained his personal possession for many years. In 2015, Scott himself decided to auction off the Bulova watch. The final price the watch was auctioned off was at a staggering $1,625,000 in a RR auction back in 2015.

Although the idea of the technology for Accutron was not initially thought up by Bulova, but it was “Max Hetzel” (KEY PERSON For Bulova’s success), a Swiss Native Engineer hired by Bulova to take on the Accutron project and tweak it by adding a transistor to the movement that would ultimately help improve the watch’s precision.

The History Of the Accutron Spaceview Watch by Youtube "TimesTicking"

Believe it or not, the history of the Bulova watch brand have been around for almost 150 years. Being one of the largest and longest-running watch brands in the world, Bulova has become widely recognized in the watch industry. Many times in its history, it has set the standard and introduced new innovations that other watchmakers strive to keep up with.

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