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The Fitbit Watch Story Part 2 : Fitbit vs Smartwatch

August 03, 2021 6 min read

The Fitbit Watch Story Part 2 : Fitbit vs Smartwatch

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Where Fitbit stands in today’s market, how it compares to other smartwatch manufacturers, and how to choose the best model for you.

Fitbit vs. Smartwatches

The smartwatch industry is, above all, a flourishing one. There are hundreds of models available, coming from dozens of aspiring manufacturers. And a natural reaction for anyone thinking of buying a Fitbit smartwatch is to check the competition before making a purchase.

Monthly Google search volume says:

  1. Apple watch : 2.2 Million
  2. Fitbit: 1 Million
  3. Garmin: 0.37 Million
  4. Samsung: 0.25 Million

Here is how they stand compared to each other.


Fitbit vs. Apple watch

There's no better way to begin this topic than to compare two of the biggest smartwatch competitors and market shares. And, it’s not an easy task.

Both manufacturers produce superb watches with multiple features and deliver almost equally excellent service. But, in the majority of cases, only nuances decide which wins a specific category. So, the final choice will primarily depend on what you expect to get from a smartwatch.

It’s a draw regarding screen quality, design, calorie counting, and checking heart irregularities. Fitbit takes an overall win at setting specific activity goals, continual heart-rate monitoring, and tracking distance climbed. It also leads in battery life and sleep monitoring.

On the other hand, Apple wins at measuring blood oxygen level, the accuracy of the in-built GPS, phone calls, and apps availability. When it comes to apps, Fitbit takes the fitness throne while Apple harvests everything else. Finally, Fitbit is compatible with both Android and iOS, while Apple uses only the latter.

Let’s see how things turn out when we compare two penultimate models, both released in 2019. They have been present on the market long enough to be objectively evaluated and measured against each other.


Apple Watch 5 vs. Fitbit versa 2

Overall, the comparison of these models closely mirrors the comparison of Apple and Fitbit's entire series made so far. Both models feature always-on displays, they're water-resistant and support voice assistants. Also, both have music storage and feature payment options.

When significant differences are concerned, Fitbit has the advantage of offering a wider range of fitness tracking options, compatibility with both Android and iOS and more insightful sleep tracking. Also, it comes at half the price of the Apple Watch 5.

Apple once again excels in connectivity, has an in-built ECG, GPS, and LTE option. It has a speaker, too, so you can take phone calls without carrying your smartphone with you. Finally, it has a built-in compass, a handy safety addition for all those who like exploring unknown territories.


Fitbit vs. Garmin

Another tough comparison. Once again, the final choice will come down to your specific requirements. Both companies offer superb products, and the differences between them are often narrow.

If you are primarily looking for a smartwatch that excels in fitness tracking, Fitbit is your weapon of choice. Both devices and apps featured are easy to use and provide superb health monitoring, including ECG and skin temperature sensors and sleep monitoring.

On the other hand, if tracking sport that comes with heavy data volume and excellent battery life is what you’re aiming for, Garmin is the way to go. In addition, the possibility to add external sensors enables additional metrics and improved accuracy.


Samsung watch vs. Fitbit

If you thought the choice was tough in the previous duels, wait until you read about this one. The race between companies' two flagship models, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Fitbit Sense, is a photo finish one, in all its glory.

Let's begin with the features they have in common. If you're looking for in-built GPS, heart-rate monitoring, sleep and activity tracking, and mobile payment feature, you'll find them in perfect iteration in both models.

Fitbit again dominates the fitness tracking field with the addition of skin temperature and EDA sensor. Plus, it features females' health-tracking, has a longer battery life, and comes with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Samsung is a better choice for all those who wish to track their activities and put limitless connectivity before additional tracking options. Galaxy Watch 3 comes with optional LTE, a sturdier build, and fall detection.


Whoop vs. Fitbit

This time comparison moves strictly to the fitness tracking area. Both companies bring outstanding value with all of their models, which are available practically in all budget ranges and tracking requirements. Once again, your personal preferences will be the final judge on which one to go for.

Fitbit's advantages are a touchscreen, call and text alerts, pedometer, Windows compatibility, optional subscription, and longer battery life. On top of that, Fitbit models provide blood oxygen level measurement and menstrual tracking.

Whoop’s advantages are advanced HRV tracking, improved sleep data, sleep and strain coach, and advanced tracking options. In addition, Whoop models take up to 10 000 readings a day more while also focusing on recovery, not just tracking.



How to choose the best Fitbit to suit your needs

Fitbit has as many as 30 models to offer in their trackers and smartwatches catalog. That's quite an arsenal for fitness enthusiasts of all endurance levels and expectations. But, again, to make the right choice requires knowing precisely what you expect to gain from a particular Fitbit.

There are three significant factors to consider: budget, desired fitness tracking level, and connectivity. Take your time and think all of them through.

The Fitbits start as low as $60 for Fitbit Ace 2 and go as high as $330 for Fitbit Sense. So naturally, they come with different fitness and health tracking features, connectivity options, and available upgrades. Each of the models was covered in Part 1 of the Fitbit Watch Story, so make sure you reread it.

If you are solely looking for a fitness tracker, focus on Fitbit trackers and wristbands. On the other hand, if connectivity, calls and messages notifications, GPS, Alexa, and Google Assistant services are features you require too, the Fitbit Smartwatch family would be a natural choice.


Fitbit Versa 2 bands

Google search volume over 5 million

One thing that tracker and smartwatch reviewers tend to overlook somewhat is the aesthetics of the models. On the other hand, if you ask the users, looks are as important as the brains. The design of a product is often a decisive factor in which model they would choose.


MiLTAT 22mm Khaki Green Quick Release Canvas Watch Strap


One of the features that users highly value is the diversity of watch bands available with a specific model. Entirely natural, since using different watch bands on a model allows for improved usability of an individual model, an easy shift from sports looks to classy and elegant.

strapcode-watch-bands-W_MB1816FYPFG045_Fitbit-Versa-2MiLTAT 22mm Quick Release Classic Superfine Mesh Watch Band


And, this is another category where Fitbit leads the competition. But, again, Fitbit Versa 2 is the perfect example. Fitbit Versa 2 bands variety is one of the reasons why it’s such a popular model. You can pair with most of the replacement watch bands found on the market, and the watch bands from all models in the Versa series are interchangeable.

Plus, they are very easy to replace. It takes one click of the quick-release lever to take the old one off and then simply slide the new Fitbit Versa 2 band pin in. And, your Versa 2 has a brand new look.

In summary

Whether you are a casual sports practitioner, a genuine fitness aficionado, or merely a smartwatch lover who occasionally wants their activity tracked, Fitbit’s got you covered. Their vast catalogue virtually has a model for everyone’s preferences. You’ll surely find at least one that meets your preferences, in features, design and price range alike.


Written by S.K., images by others as noted


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