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Watch Bands, Watch Parts storage box, Watch Tools Organizer in 1 to 3 Compartments

  • The best storage box selected for watch lovers. You can store watches, watch bands, watch tools, warranty cards, watch buckles, watch parts, and anything related to timepieces that you don't want to miss. Each box, including two dividers, has the flexibility to create up to 3 compartments. All removable dividers are easily slid on and off to customize the storage space. In addition, the design makes it easy to connect into multiple units or carry as a single unit. Compact size is also ideal for storing inside a drawer.
  • Item no. : NT-TSC-042

    Overall size : W260mm x D155mm x H63mm
    Material : PP Plastic
    Case Color : White
    Net Weight : approx. 386g
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