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The Latest 2019-02-14 (M306)

3 Old-School Casio DataBank Watches (Calculator)

Kids today may not be a fan of the calculator watch like how we were when we were their age. All the cool kids had one, and so it quickly became a trend and perhaps on every kid’s wish list to own one.

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Thailand’s Exclusive Edition Of Seiko SKXA65 Watch

What we have here to talk about today would be Thailand’s Exclusive Limited Edition known as the Seiko SKXA65 model watch. The number of units available for this particular model is 2,999 pieces. From first glance, it looks some what like the Pepsi SKX009, but it has its differences as well.

316L Stainless steel Retro Razor watch band

Upgrade your watch by simply changing the watch band. Infinite ways to make your watch cool! 316L Stainless steel Retro Razor watch band reissue by MiLTAT. Razor blade link was sized & modified to a better proportion plus 3-D curved endlink & new screwing details.

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Seiko Watch Cases Dimension

For customers who are new to the watch world and wanting to know about the size and width of their watch, or perhaps find out the size of bracelet they'll need for their watch. The charts & pictures , and information below will be helpful for those who need it.

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SEIKO Mechanical Movements

More Watch band information

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